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Mediation Training for Certification or Continuing Education

Resolve Mediation Institute is an approved continuing education provider for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the California State Bar (#17639) and by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences for Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) and Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Learn mediation skills that expand your thinking. Gain practical knowledge of how to handle formal mediation in business matters and family or divorce cases. Use those same skills for effective meeting facilitation, collaborative decision-making and many other forms of problem solving that require agreement in your daily interactions.

Since conflicts happen every day on some level, Mediation is for everyone!

Set Yourself Apart and Become a Certified Mediator

Earn a National Professional Certification in Mediation, with the Advanced Mediation Certificate Program. As a Nationally Certified Professional in Mediation through Resolve Mediation, An International Dispute Resolution Training Institute, you can confidently use the NCPM designation.

Let’s Get Started

Take a course from Resolve Mediation Institute to satisfy your MCLE, CLE or CE requirements or become a Certified Mediator in an enjoyable setting designed for student learning and engagement.

resolve mediation institute accredited mediation trainerResolve Mediation Institute sets itself apart by meeting the requirements set forth through the rigorous national certification process administered by The National Association of Certified Mediators.